What Is CBD?



What Is CBD
What Is Hemp
CBD Benefits

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a subtance that is extracted from the hemp plant which is often compared to marijuana. They both belong to the same genus and species of the plant Cannabis sativa.   


Hemp/CBD without THC will not make you high whereas marijuana with THC are known to give you a high. There are studies that indicate CBD offers you wellness benefits to make your life more enjoyable.

The most common form of CBD available is extracted from industrial hemp, a native variety of the hemp plant. The flowers and leaves of the plant is harvested and then the oil is extracted with machines. This offers you quality oil rich in CBD but without any THC content.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a substance that has limelight due to the immense media attention it has received as well as the growing desire for alternative options among pain sufferers.

The opioid crisis has swept across North America, along with the various drug issues such as people getting addicted to prescription drugs. This resulted in people being more careful of pharmaceutical drugs with addictive properties.

The category of drugs that’s often prescribed for chronic pain, depression and others have left many thousands of patients becoming dependent on traditional drugs with addictive properties.

This has encouraged doctors, users, researchers and many curious people to look for clarity as to what value CBD has.

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What is CBD: CBD Leaf

Why Do People Use CBD?

People utilize CBD for the life changing benefits and to enhance their overall well-being. To grasp the benefits of CBD, you must comprehend what it does to the body.

Cannabinoids work with a chain of receptors in your body known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is active in many crucial tasks. Essentially the tasks are managing your anti-inflammatory response, mood, anxiety levels, appetite, immune system, sleep schedule and etc. 

Benefits of CBD

CBD is not just for pain relief. Many people take it for a variety of reasons as well. We listed some of the most popular cbd benefits below.

Pain Relief

For many people suffering from chronic pain, CBD offers them another option that does not require using addicting drugs. When other drugs pose very high risk for dependence or harmful side effects, many people prefer the alternative route like CBD.

Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is an issue that affects an enormous percent of the population at a certain phase of their lives. Some users of CBD products have noted that their anxiety levels decreased with consistent use of CBD oil.

Excellent For Skincare

Some users utilize CBD to clear up acne or other skin issues. CBD users notice an improvement in skin conditions as well as potential anti-aging components that’s available in the oil.


Ease Depression

It is estimated that around 20% of people within the US alone suffer from depression during some point of their lives. There is around 7% that suffer from chronic depression.

Pharmaceutical medications with extended use all have the risk of dangerous side effects and addictive qualities. CBD offers these people a better alternative if they don’t wish to start utilizing dangerous drugs.

Lower PTSD and OCD

Both PTSD and OCD are mental disorders that cause people to struggle with behavior patterns and outbursts. Obsessive-Compulsive disorder is an obsession and a following compulsion that consistently makes someone have impulses to perform repeated actions. For instance, washing their hands over and over again.

CBD is a helpful alternative option that doesn’t need a prescription.

Prevent Opioid Addiction

According to a new study CBD could treat opioid addiction. When offered to patients with heroin addiction it minimized their cravings and also their feelings of anxiety.

The frequently perscribed remedy for opioid addiction like buprenorphine and methadone also helps reduce cravings but they’re not extensively utilized and comes with addiction along with dangerous side effects. Only 1 in 5 people who needed treatment for opioid use disorders was receiving any sort of therapy, as it states on the 2016 surgeon general’s report regarding addiction.


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The official 2018 Farm Bill recognized industrial hemp with CBD and descheduled it. On a federal level this paves the way for increased cultivation and research now that industrial hemp is not controlled, banned, or restricted. Starting January 2019, CBD made from industrial hemp is legal in all 50 states throughout USA.



As with any herbals, it’s crucial to ensure that what you put into your body is the best quality. That’s why we use CBD that has been derived from the best industrial hemp available. Your well-being is worth it. We hope you learned a thing or two from reading this article. Get the best quality CBD products from Mizu CBD today.  To purchase top quality CBD products click the button below.

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